Appendix 1:  Glossary


Bernard is the elvish name for a male half-elf, half-human. Crosses between Humans and Elves are very rare… scarcely occurring once every 50 years.  Since the average lifespan of an Elf is about 75 years, there are usually never more than two alive at one time: an old Bernard, and a young Bernard.  The Bernard that met Niek was in his 30’s.  The current Bernard is 32 years old.  While Bernard used to be somewhat of a social outcast, the tradition of serving as Santa Claus's defacto liaison with the rest of the Elves has made it a tradition of honor.

Christmas Island

Originally known as Evela, the island located at the north pole of Neverland is the home of Santa Claus, as well as a center of Elf population, as well as a small human village.


Elves are the primary inhabitants of Christmas island, or, as it was originally known, Evela.  They are not quite human, in that they can have children with humans, but if they do, the children are sterile.  They average around 4-1/2 feet tall, and are clever tinkerers.


Evela is the original name of the island located at the north pole of Neverland.  It later became known as Christmas island


Faries are multidimensional beings native to the world of Nevermore.  They are the only known creature that can travel between parallel worlds such as Earth and Nevermore, except at rotationally congruent locations (poles).  They have a number of interesting abilities, including rapid flight, invisibility, and communicating with other life forms.  The do this through the use of Pixie Dust.



Neverland is a parallel world to the Earth.  It occupies the same place and time as our normal Earth, but has a slightly different rotational rate, making it impossible for any non-fairy beings to cross between the worlds at any location except near the poles.  Santa Claus is the one being that is able to make this transition, and he does it through the use of fairy magic.


Neverland also refers to the small island of Neverland, located at the south edge of the Northern Ocean, approximately 1,200 miles from Christmas Island.  This is the location of the Pixie Dust Trees, and home to the Fairies.

Pixie Dust

Pixie Dust is a transdimensional substance that gives Fairies their abilities.  It is produced by a Pixie Dust Tree, a small grove of which grow on the island of Neverland.

Santa Claus

Santa Claus is the person who brings gifts and the love of God to deserving children (and some adults!) around the world.  While the person who is Santa Claus is not eternal, Santa Claus is.  The role has been filled by a number of men (and if the truth be known, a few women) over the centuries.  Any time that the current Santa is unable to continue his good works, a new Santa is chosen.  This used to be quite challenging, but in today's society, many good men and women self identify themselves as having the qualities of a good Santa Claus by taking on his role to make children happy.

Does this mean that the Santa Claus that you see at the Mall, or who comes to your school or home isn't real?  Not so!  Almost every one of these Santa stand-in's is real.  Real because they have the Christmas Spirit, and want to share it with you.  And besides... maybe one of them IS the REAL Santa Claus.