Home and Office Visits

Mrs. Claus Plus Santa are busy all year, but after Thanksgiving, most of the toys are packed up and ready to load on the sleigh.  They have a few weeks where they can visit certain families at home, or small offices wishing to treat their families' children.  If you're family or office is one of the fortunate ones to have a visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus, here's what you can expect:

Mrs. Claus and Santa love home visits

  • Individual interaction with each child, including

   posing with Santa and/or Mrs. Claus

  • Group photos

  • Stories, presented by Mrs. Claus

  • Questions and Answers from Santa

  • Group singing (e.g.: Jingle Bells, Rudolph)

  • Presentation of presents from Santa's magic bag

The length of your visit from Mrs. Claus Plus Santa will depend on the number of children and adults attending the event, and any specific requirements for the visit.  Likewise, these details will determine the fee for the event.  To schedule a visit, and for an estimate, please contact Mrs. Claus Plus Santa.