Chapter 1



Santa Claus exists in a world that isn’t quite our own.  It is a place midway between the world as we know it, and the world of the fairies.

As we learn in school, the Earth is a big spinning ball of rock and metal, covered with a thin layer of air and water.  There are other worlds, very similar to our own, and separated from ours by a distance less than the thickness of a sheet of paper.  Separated in another dimension that is, one which we normally do not move in.





Some of these other worlds are very different from our own.  Others are vaguely similar.  Still others are very much like our Earth.  Occasionally, men have visited some of these other worlds on occasion in their dreams, which is one of the few ways that normal people can make that journey.  The tales that they tell of these worlds, based on their dreams, are the basis of many of the stories that become incorporated into man’s religion and fables: legends of Heaven and Hell; of Dragons, Dwarves, and Fairies, among others.


The world of Fairies, for instance, is slightly closer than most of the others, as such things are measured.  It is very similar to our world, although it rotates at a different speed.  Because of this, movement between the two worlds is very difficult, unless you are near the North or South Pole.  Even then, there’s a trick to moving between the differing phases, which is why human explorers of the poles are not constantly stumbling into the world of the Fairies.  Still, stories of the fairy world have made their way to Earth, and were particularly chronicled in the book Peter Pan.  Therefore, we will call the fairy world Neverland, which is as good a name as any, since the people of Neverland don’t have a name for their entire world.


Neverland is laid out differently than the Earth, of course.  For the most part, it has people like our own, who live in the different lands of that world, although none of them have any of the fancy cars or jet planes or personal computers that we use on Earth.  There are good people and not so good people, but all in all, they are people.  There are Trolls and Elves, and various other creatures, although none of the beings so named in this world are like the ones described in certain Earthly fantasy novels.  Most importantly, there are Fairies.


Fairies are small beings that we would consider magical.  They used to be common to both their world and ours, but as people of Earth started using machines, back in the 1200’s, Fairies stopped coming here as often.  Not that they don’t cross occasionally, even today.  You see, Fairies are the one creature that is able to pass the boundary between the Earth and the world of the fairies at any location on the world, not just the North or South Pole.

But this tale isn’t about Fairies.  At least not for the most part.  Yes, Fairies do play a part, but that will be explained later.  It isn’t even an account about Elves who also inhabit a small part of Neverland, and who play a much larger role in this saga.  This story is about Santa Claus.

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