A Winter's Day At The North Pole

The Elves just finished setting up the Internet connection so Santa could make the website available for people to find. This is only the second post I've had time to make, but you can be sure that there will be many more.

I know that all the boys and girls of the world want to read about what is going on here at the North Pole. It's still winter, of course, so Mrs. Claus and I spend a lot of time inside, making toys and baking cookies. I do have to go out to help the Elves take care of the reindeer, but you have to be careful when the wind blows, which it is apt to do. Why, elf Mylolo caught a cold after going out without an extra sweater! Mrs. Claus is feeding him chicken soup right now, so you can be sure he'll be safe as snow and back out in the workshop in a day or so.

I'd like to remind all of you boys and girls that although Christmas is still 10 and a half months away, that I'm already making my list for 2017. Don't be naughty, because it goes in your record. And if you have already been naughty this year, it's not too late to be nice, and make up for it. I'm looking at YOU, Johnny Simpson! Be kind to your friends and family. Respect your parents, teachers, and people you meet. Really kids, it's never too late to be good.


Santa Claus

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