Even Elves Deserve A Break

Many of you have asked me what life here at the North Pole is like. "Santa," you ask, "do you and the Elves work every day making toys?" "What do you do when you're not making toys, or bringing them to us at Christmas time?" "Do you date any of the girl Elves?"

Those are interesting questions, except that last one, which borders on naughty. I'd like to answer them, even the almost naughty one, since they all will tell you something about the way things really are up here.

Life at the North Pole is more than making toys. The Elves live very much like you do, with homes and families, and Elf schools, and Elf shops, Elf Farmers, and Elf mailmen. While a good number of Elves do work in the workshop, you can be sure that they do it because that is what they enjoy doing. If they didn't want to do so, they could do any of those other things that takes their interest. In fact, most of the workers who make toys would work every day if I didn't make them close the shop down on the weekends. While the Elves would argue otherwise, I think that everyone needs a break from their work, no matter how much they like it.

After they clean up the clutter from the week's work, the workshop Elves head out to enjoy life at the North Pole. Friday, many go out to see a movie at one of the theaters here, or perhaps go out to one of the dance clubs or restaurants. Saturday, a lot of the young Elves are out playing sports - usually Ping Pong or Marbles, although some have been known to play Soccer. The older elves usually like to go for walks around the village, visiting some of the shops ran by other elves. Mrs. Claus and I sometimes do the same. Sundays are much the same, except that most of the Elves go to Church. Church is one of those things that Santa introduced when he first came to the North Pole, back in 1507, but that's another story.

As far as me dating girl elves... well, it isn't unheard of for an Elf girl to go out or even marry a full size human man, but it's fairly rare. I only know of one instance in recent history. While it's not physically impossible, Elves average about 4 feet tall, and its a rare human that is much under 5 feet. Elf girls are cute, but I always preferred to go out with someone with whom I can see eye to eye. For the most part, Elves go out and marry other Elves... and Mrs. Claus is as human as you... or your mother. You'll see, if you ever get a chance to meet her.

So no, we don't work making toys 24/7. There are a lot of other activities that we and the Elves enjoy. And no, I do not, and have never considered, going out with an Elf girl.



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