Happy News At The North Pole

The north pole is happy to announce the engagement of Clerista Snow Elf, and Jimmy Lincoln-Log Elf. The joyous couple announced their engagement yesterday, after Jimmy asked Clerista if she would marry him at the malt shop on Candy Cane Lane.

"Mr. Lincoln-Log and Miss Snow have been dating for a couple of years." said Elwood Jingleberg, the couples' supervisor at the Child Observation Unit of the Naughty/Nice List Department. "Jimmy is a hard worker, and has been doing elf-on-the-shelf duty for four years now. Clerista is a transcriber, of course. That's how they met."

Lincoln-Log and Snow say that they haven't set a date yet, but this reporter predicts that when they do finally tie the knot, that it will be the event of the season.

- Fritz Sleddingham, North Pole News

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