Mail Delivery and North Pole Sports

Mail is delivered to the North Pole from outside by special courier. As I understand it, one of the Canadian bush pilots pick up the mail from the post office in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and fly it north to Resolute, on Cornwallis Island, which is about as far north as anyone lives on planet Earth. From there, it is picked up by Fingard Ludeous, or one of the other Ludeous brothers, who have a special arrangement to transport it here to Christmas Island, and Santa's Village.

Of course, mail delivery isn't an every day thing. Usually, one bundle a week is the best that we can expect, although this amounts to a few hundred letters. I suppose that it would be a million letters a week, if the post offices around the world knew how to route all the letters addressed to Santa.

This brings us to the topic of this post. Several of the letters in this most recent bundle posed the question: what kind of sports are played there at the North Pole?

In an earlier blog post, I mentioned that many of the younger elves enjoy ping pong and marbles, and there are actually several competitive leagues for these pursuits. Others have tried soccer, but it hasn't attained the popularity it has in more southerly places, so the most you will see is occasional pick up game.

The big sporting events here at the North Pole are the Reindeer Games. Three times a year, in March, June, and September, reindeer compete individually and in teams at a variety of events, including running, jumping, and sleigh pulling, to name but three. There are even some related Elf events, including both individual and team Gift Wrapping, Toy Assembly, and the ever popular team Sleigh Loading. These activities foster a competitive spirit among the Elves that you just don't get from ping pong. The best of these contests are usually the ones picked to help out at Christmas, so as you can imagine, it is serious business.

As we get started with the games next week, I will be sure to mention them.

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