The Story of Santa


Santa Claus is someone we have all heard of.  When we are young, we instinctively know that Santa Claus is real.  But as we get older and "wiser", we begin to doubt.  How can a Man in a Red Suit live at the North Pole with a village full of Elves (whatever those are), and not be seen in this day and age?  How is Santa able to travel most of the entire world delivering gifts in a single night?  Does he really have a reindeer drawn sleigh, and does it really fly?  This is the true story.



1   Before Santa

Neverland, A Voyage, A Fortunate Landing, Evela, Bernard's Story, More to Come

2   Becoming Santa

Appendix 1:  Glossary

Appendix 2:  Map of Christmas Island

Appendix 3:  Santa Claus Over The Years